New Year, New Smile!

New Year, New Smile!
Posted on 12/29/2015

Start The New Year With A New Smile!

New Year’s Day is fast approaching! We know that means many of our patients are compiling a list of New Years Resolutions. This year, instead of adding to the pile of expired gym memberships and dusty running shoes, we encourage you to make a resolution that'll last you a lifetime: starting 2016 by working towards a healthy, beautiful, brand new smile. It's a worthy investment in your best asset - your smile. With the latest technology in orthodontics at your fingertips, achieving your ideal smile has never been easier.

It Is Never Too Late!

The benefits that accompany a new smile are infinite - many of our patients experience an improvement in their bite function, their sleep, and a reduction in pain from TMJ (jaw joint) issues, as well as a dramatic improvement in the appearance of their smile. But the real benefits go beyond pure functionality or appearance: a new smile imparts a boost in confidence, self-esteem, and happiness that radiates through every aspect of your life. Imagine how much easier that upcoming work presentation, first date, or social event would be if you had a smile you were proud of and unafraid to show off. 

Best of all, getting a new smile has never been simpler. Today's braces are smaller, more comfortable, and more aesthetically appealing than ever before, and exciting alternatives like Invisalign can eliminate metal wires and brackets altogether, offering a treatment that's virtually invisible, completely removable, and sure to have a minimal impact on your daily lifestyle. It's true what they say - it really is never too late for a beautiful smile!

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